The newly reopend Canadian Jeiwsh News Reports that the Vaad Hair is no longer advocating compliance with gov't directives but threatening to sue if places of worship are not reopend

Canadian Jewish News (The CJN)

Ultra-Orthodox groups demand shuls be reopened during lockdown
MONTREAL—The Jewish Community Council of Montreal (JCCM) has retreated from its advocacy since the beginning of the pandemic of compliance with public health directives and is threatening to sue the Quebec government if synagogues are not allowed to reopen immediately.
Places of worship in the province have been ordered closed until Feb. 8 at least, as part of strengthened lockdown measures that came into force on Jan. 9. The only exception is funerals where 10 people may be present.
The JCCM, also known as the Vaad Ha’ir, which encompasses the MK kashrut certifier and the beit din of Montreal, has joined with the Council of Hasidic Jews of Quebec and haredi congregations, in engaging the law firm Dunton Rainville to pressure the government to ease the rules for places of worship. In a lawyer’s letter sent to Premier Francois Legault, the groups say the latest set of regulations “unreasonably violates the freedom of religion guaranteed by the (Canadian and Quebec) charters of rights and freedoms.”
After the Montreal region entered the highest alert red zone at the beginning of October, places of worship were limited to admitting 25 socially distanced people at a time.
The petitioners claim that the communities they represent successfully adjusted to this restriction, posing no “risk to those who practise or to the general public.” The letter speaks of the psychological hardship caused by the new ban. Access to the observant Jew’s place of worship is “essential to morale and mental well-being.”
Places of worship were shut in the full lockdown imposed in mid-March and permitted to reopen on June 22 with up to 250 distanced people. That was whittled down to 50 and then 25 this fall as the second wave worsened.