In first Rashi of the Torah. Rashi asks why the Torah began with Hashem’s creation of the world, and not the first mitzvah. After all, Rashi reminds us, the Torah is primarily for teaching Jews about mitzvos, not a history lesson about Creation. 

  Rashi answers that the Torah “deviated” in order to tell the world that Hashem made Creation, and that He is the One Who designates who gets which land. The gentile nations have to remember this, the Torah is saying, any time they want to call the Jewish people “thieves” who stole Eretz Yisroel from other nations. We did not steal it. The Creator of EVERYTHING gave it to us. 

 The only problem is that the people who need to hear this the most, don’t believe it is true. It’s not like they bring this point up at the UN, where the Jewish people are regularly called “thieves” by many of its members. The only people who actually HEAR the message are those who already believe in it, and who certainly want to! So again, what is gained?

   To answer this question, we must answer an even more important one. The Gemarrah tells us that when Hashem “offered” the Torah to the Jewish people, it was really an offer we could not refuse, unless we wanted to die on the spot. Apparently, when Hashem said, “Do you want My Torah,” He lifted up Mt. Sinai, held it over the heads of the people, and basically said, “If you say no, this is your burial place” (Shabbos 88a). If you wanted to remain living, there was really no way NOT to accept the Torah.
  So what was the point of the choice if it really wasn’t a choice? The answer is on the same page of the Talmud, and it says that the continuance of Creation is based upon the Jewish people’s acceptance of Torah. It’s not that Creation is just TORAH-less if the Jewish people do not accept it. It’s that Creation becomes CREATION-less if the Jewish people do not accept Torah. 

  In other words, lifting the mountain over the heads of the Jewish people was meant to emphasize to the Jewish people how dependent Creation and history is on their ongoing acceptance of Torah. Saying no to Torah, Hashem told them, was like saying no to Creation, and that just wasn’t an option. Likewise, when the Torah begins with the creation of the world to teach that the land was given by Hashem to the Jewish people, it is to emphasize this very point. He is the One Who has the nations of the world accept this, and He is the One who tells the gentiles when to accuse us of stealing the Land. When they make such accusations, it is Hashem’s way of telling US that WE are not making it clear enough to the world that He made Creation. 

  It is the obligation of the existing believing generation to make sure that the one that follows has all the necessary knowledge and tools to believe likewise on their own. The failure of the next generation is really the failure of the previous one.