This past shabbas I saw a few words from the  Orach Chaim haKadosh which made me pause and think.I thought it might be worth to share.

ואולי כּי יחיח לה תיקון למה שׁפּצתה איש צדיק עתה תפצח פיח לבלוע איבי השם


Everything in this world was created for 'His' kavod -- His honor.All is made to sing His praise.Until the Earth opened its mouth to swallow the blood of Hevel it too sang praise of haShem.But that 'mouth ' was closed from that time on , until it 'opened' again to swallow the enemies of haShem.


Korach was jealous of Moshe.He and Aaron as sons of the eldest son of Kehus took 'kingship' and kehuna.Why did he appoint the youngest son as Nassi? 

Who is to say the Nassi is more beloved and important before haShem ?Korach carried the holy ark on his shoulders.After being placed in its' place he would have the job to sing praises of haShem during the services in  the mishkan

And indeed his sons took his middos and used them for the good.Elkana gathered the Yidden to be olah to the Mishkan 3 times a year.We learn from Shmuel's mother how to pray with internal sincerity. Shmuel ,himself as a  very youngster challenged Eli that we all participate in the 'avoda; as a 'zar ' can shecht the korban.

The possuk says ' Moshe v'Aaron b'kohanav uShmuel b'koreh Shmo.We are a'Kingdom of Priests 'and we are actually stratisfied as a Nation with full time priests with nothing but Torah and kedushe to attend to.and yet, somehow, that torah and kedushe needs to be brought down into the secular world.Because this world is good and is meant to be lived in by people.; it is meant to be blessed.

We live in a time of anarchy, and disruptive new 'isms'. The United States was known to be built on a foundation of law and order,of respect and inspiration.'All men are created equal before G-d.And yet the people who penned those words were slave owners.

What about ourselves, the Jewish people ?

Our parsha of 'civil law - Mishpatim' starts with the laws due a Jewish slave ;;later there is also reference to a ;gentile slaves.

I heard once from one of my Rebbeim that a human is here for only one purpose - to be a'tikkun' for this world.If he is not a 'tikun', he is nothing.

The earth we  stand on is our place to fulfill our purpose.It is stable and supportive as long as we understand our purpose.What is the possible 'purpose ' of a 'Kingdom of Priests' - to realize there is One above us all who enables us to conquer the world and bring out it's dream of goodness .

and that doesn't change in a time when people dream of going to other planets and the miracles of AI.The opposite;it is more important.

Those slave owners who penned the American constitution also believed that not everyone should be allowed to excersise voting because they would not use those rights with responsibility. 

Who had more right to violently overthrow the  the existing government in Egypt that Moses?And yet, he wouldn't;he excerczied respect for Pharoah.

We are commanded not to 'look' 'above', 'below', 'before' and 'behind.'Actually , this world is built on a dungheap.It is our job to raise that mound of dung continually with respect and acts of g-dliness. 

This is something we can and must do in our own private . communal and worldy affairs and has always been our way in this world.

May we speedily merit to see the fulfillment of the dreams of the Neviim with the coming of Moshiach and the 'Kingdom of haShem on earth.