Elections , Challenges , the 'Jewish ' aspect, mirrored in our parshios of '
Birrur acher Birrur" 'Selection after Selection"

יבא בּעל הבּרכות ויברך את אשׁר ייטב בּעיניו

I saw a profound vort this past Shabbas in "Emes l'Yaakov" , from Yaakov Kamenetsky ztz'l.

We find contradictory medrashim regarding hwo klall yisrael considers Yitzchok Aveinu.On the one hand, Klall Yisrael blames Yitzchok for all the many terrible gzeros that Esau did to us, and on the other hand, we find that Yitzchok is considered the real 'father ' to our people.

R' Yaakov explains that both are true.The brocho to Esau was if/when Yaakov goes down in his observance , then Esau throws off the mantle of service and ,instead becomes  a source of pain to our people (& so it was).On the other hand,it is Yitzchok who truly intercedes for us with haKadosh Boruch Hu.

Both sides are true, but on a deeper understanding ,Esau also could , even , as the son seemingly destined to leave the brochos of Yaakov , have had a complete tikun.The children of Sisro, Sancheriv, and Haman taught torah , but not Titus.Why ?

Yitzchok's avoda was passive; he was offerred up as an oleh.The Akeida is called the test of Avraham.Yitzchok's name never changes.But there was a tremendous Kiddush haShem.In Kiddush haShem,it is the outcome that counts.So those 3 reshaim truly were killed, but there was a tremendous kiddush haShem , which needs to be paid, so from their children came great scholars.However, ?Titus was not killed (though he died a miserable death), and there was no kiddush haShem.So he deserved no tikun.

If Titus would have used his powers to enforce on us compliance with the Torah,(& on the world the 7 mitzvos bnei Noach, then even as a goy, he would have had his tikun!But he messed up his chance.

Even if only one son is meant to be the 'seed' of Avraham,Yitzchok's brocho cannot take away the bechira from the other for the good!  He was blind and couldn't give the brochos with full mind.

I was thinking that the last few weeks the news has been occupied enormously with the elections and the charges back and forth.But the truth is that there is no "Winner".The world marches forward , with or without "our man in the Whitehouse." and maybe that is the good.Our destiny as a People does not depend on the US.If anything , the US depends on us

'Why is Esau compared to a chazir? Because they are destined to return the Malchus to Israel"

We definitely must hava debt of gratitude to Mr Trump.And even if he didn't win, he has left an imprint on American politics and the middle east that won't be undone so fast.

But ultimately the future is not so clear ; it si in haShem's hands and our many tefillos.