And Yaakov left Beer Sheva and went on his way to Charanah

The commentaries say , he went on his way , but with a heavy heart, not till his vision of the ladder, did he have strength and confidence

Forgive my 'pun', but as i have been wondering if maybe it is time, for us to be thinking of returning home, I 'heard' in the word Charane  -- Corona - haShem's world wide anger .Maybe it is time for us to returnn home? Every day , another anti semitic attack , while governments worldwide offically against anti semitism.Never have we been so prominent in the world.The present president of the US has Jewish children.The (almost)"president elect" found a black lady with "jewish' ties to run for office with him.What is going on?Fantastic success with growing hate?

Yaakov left his father's holy home, eretz Yisrael for Chorone, to find a wife and escape his brother's wrath, but he did so with a heavy heart.Not till haShem promised him 'shemira  from sin, did he go with confidence and beleif that he could eventually return.This has always been our history, golus , both for our own tikunim, and at the same time, tikunim for the world, the way to bring the world to its purpose as we as we become a 'light unto the Nations." 

 Imagine , you are a stranger in town.You meet some sheperds sitting around a well.You call them 'brothers'.And after asking about oyur family , your hoped for destination, you give mussar -- go do your work!?But thta is why we are in golus to be friends and raise the world's ways thereby.

I saw once a story about the Zadik R' Weissmandle.Apparently a doctor, a psychologist , I think, from the States visited him. Rav Weissmandle asked him, " A sick man is banging his head to the wall.Why?The doctor didn't really know - because he is sick?

Rav Weismandle answered , 'He knows that he is suffering becuase his his head is not working properly. So he is punishing his head.That is the source for anti semitism.We are looked upon as the 'head'of the many see that they are suffering, things are wrong an we are blamed!

On the one hand, we have circled the world with our 'lights'. We are very visible.But the world is plenty sick - be it corona (Chorona) or whatever.Maybe it is time to run home fulfill ourselves in the Holy Land, where we can truly shine.Yaakov felt the need to run home when he saw that the children of Lavan looked at him with different eyes.

"All that money came from us"

Run home, Yaakov, be a true Jew in your place, and shine your light of emes , never again to be chased away!