As I pride myself to be "living with the parsha" and I saw a prominent Jewish writer whom I respect discuss this new literal explosion of AI onto the stage recently, I thought that in our parsha which opens with the ,mitzvos of dealing with a Hebrew slave, there would be some thoughts to share

Nothing happens by chance in our world


Our parsha starts the discussion of Mishpatim, with the laws of a Hebrew slave.We "moderns" tend to recoil from the concept of slavery, but the truth being that in ancient times, especially where wealth and survival had so much to do with land ownership , the institution was almost a necessity.

Moreover, the Torah's approach is filled with compassion.The "Master" feeds the slave's family.If he stole and was sold by the beis din, instead of languishing in a jail, he works with dignity and can't work more than 6 years (unless he asks for an extension, and then to Yovel.)A Yid is ultimately an eved of Hashem, even if he forgot and sinned.

Even a gentile can't be a slave unless he accepts the mitzvos of a woman. No one is just chattle.

And this is really the basic reason that specifically these mitzvos strat the laws of jurisprudence -- the basic dignity of a Jew, a human.

In our days , this dignity is being challenged , not only by technology per se, but as is our understanding , by many of the super rich and globalists such as the people from WEF

The truth is that the world reached the apex of Creation with Man.Be fruitful, multiply, conquer the world and master all living things. HaShem saw that the world was 'very good"

I once saw in one of my Rebbes'  (R' Aaron shlite, should be well) writings that we are brought into this world as the "tikun" for the world, bringing it to its destiny.

If we aren't a tikun, then we are nothing.A very sobering thought

The world is in turmoil, exploding with innovation. There those who believe that ai, robots will make us obsolete, will eventually devour homo sapiens.Others believe it will be the ultimate empowering of freedom

I would believe that it depends on us.If we remain true to the mission haShem has for us;it will be brochos without end, and if not it will be the END, chas v'sholom